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The first two years of the Niiwin Wendaanimok Training Program have been a monumental success. The team at Niiwin Wendaanimok is pleased to announce that 150+ Indigenous individuals have completed training through our program to date.

We have many different types of training programs ranging from management to skilled operations. If you are interested in enrolling in one of our programs, see the full list below and fill out the fillable form provided!

Construction workers from the community wearing their safety vests and hard hats posing for a photo at a construction site.

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Discover construction craft through our comprehensive training program. Learn from experienced instructors to interpret blueprints and master techniques for safe and functional construction. Launch a rewarding career with hands-on training.

Heavy Equipment Operator@2x


Master heavy equipment operation in our specialized training program. Learn to operate excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and more. Gain expertise in earthmoving, material handling, and construction techniques. Our experienced instructors teach safety, maintenance, and precise operation.



Develop expertise in welding through our focused training program where you’ll learn MIG, TIG, and stick welding techniques. Gain essential skills in metal preparation, joint fabrication, and quality control.



Develop the skills necessary for safe and efficient operation of these specialized construction machinery. Learn the principles of equipment operation, safety protocols, and maintenance. Gain the confidence to handle complex tasks and become a certified AZDZ and CZDZ operator.



Embark on an electrical training program to master essential skills. Learn electrical systems, wiring techniques, and safety protocols. Gain hands-on experience and knowledge from experienced instructors. Develop expertise in installations, troubleshooting, and repairs.



Acquire vital skills in our plumbing training program. Learn plumbing systems, pipefitting, and installation techniques. Get hands-on experience and guidance from experienced instructors. Develop expertise in repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic@2x


Become a certified heavy equipment mechanic through our comprehensive training program. Learn diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs for various construction machinery. Gain hands-on experience with engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems. Our expert instructors will guide you in troubleshooting and equipment optimization.

Environmental Tech@2x


Explore our training program for environmental technicians. Learn to assess, monitor, and mitigate environmental risks. Develop expertise in sampling, data analysis, and regulatory compliance. Gain hands-on experience in environmental monitoring techniques and equipment operation. Our experienced instructors will guide you in impact assessments and remediation strategies.



Take charge of your construction career with our business management training program. Learn essential skills in finance, project management, and leadership. Develop expertise in budgeting, scheduling, and team coordination. Our experienced instructors will guide you in strategic planning and effective communication. Gain the knowledge to manage construction projects and drive success.

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Couradge Wapioke

Community Navigator


Dennis Major

Community Navigator


Bowen Alcock

Training Program Coordinator

Upcoming Training Sessions

Community members are standing behind a reception desk, with a Niiwin Wendaanimok banner pinned at the ceiling above it. Two people in the middle of the crowd are sharing a celebratory handshake while people applaud.

August 2023 - Welding

This course is a 12-week welding course that will allow you to develop expertise in a variety of welding techniques. Sign up now here!

September 2023 - AZDZ

This course is a 16-week course that will allow you to develop the skills necessary for safe and efficient operation of these specialized construction machinery. Sign up now here!

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